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Adiza Nzekwe


Adiza Juliet Nzekwe born in 1994 in Benin - Nigeria. She is an artist with special interests in media exploration.

Since her graduation from the Delta State University were she obtained a B.A.fine and applied art degree in 2016.Adiza has participated in arts workshops and residences.she was artist/writer in residence at the Ebedi center,lseyin oyo State.

Now a practicing artist at the Akademik studio of art Asaba. She was a participant at the annual harmattan artist workshops amongst others. Juliet expresses her creativity through drawing, installations,and sculpture which are be inspired by babies facial form and expression.

Adiza currently lives in Lagos with her family,where she works as a full time studio artist.


"Making baby's"

2022, November - Lisbon.

This collection of ceramic sculptures titled; "making babies“ are simplified  sculptural study/interpretation of baby  facial expressions in stylized sculptural form. It underscores the role of a baby’s Face as an important medium for communication between  infants and the world. Facial expressions are windows into  the soul. Children are important members of any society, they are the next  generation of leaders.

In order to ensure continuity, inclusivity and stability in our world, It is imperative that infant opinion matters . This collection of sculptures highlights the importance of an inclusive society  that  considers the needs of it’s  members as the way towards the future of Africa and the world.   

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