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Born in Palembang, Indonesia.

Educated as Graphic Designer from Modern School of Design (MSD) Yogyakarta, Indonesia Live in Copenhagen, and work between Copenhagen – Yogyakarta Indonesia In this life I'm having processes in everyday life.


I sometimes don't think or feel what has happened in the process of life. But the fact of life, I experienced a change. Others can also experience my experience. Only in another time and place. What happens to others, I will experience in another time and place maybe, but essentially the same. My artworks have much to say about what happens to us. Throughout life we continue to experience new things. It only ends when death arrives. Daily life is interesting to me - What I see, what I feel and what I experience. And therefor I was inspired to work with FRACTAL as concept. We all lived from the beginning until now. It will never stop at any point, the process of life. Life will continue through the past, the present and the future. Sustainability and repetition - that’s life. Whether it’s in the tradition, custom, life or even technological advances. Life will present itself even in a different time and place. Fractal is everywhere - In humans, animals, plants and in life itself. Fractal is a form of continuity and repetition. My artwork has been on a journey from the beginning until now, where it visually is very different. Also because of what I saw and felt during the creative process. I created the circles, and repeating it with a different size, because I want to convey the past, which can be seen behind the circles. I combine all my earlier styles, to create the concept, “Fractal” Fractal itself lives within us and our daily lives.



2021, Oct - Lisbon.

I weaves the artistic process with elements from other universes, based on the mathematical formula for fractal geometry creates compelling digital and manual works, that illustrate the encounter between art, nature and mathematics. Fractals recognized as an endlessly repeating visual pattern and is found everywhere in nature - in humans, animals and plants. With its fractal-works I creates continuity and repetition, mimics life process as a continuous line through the past, present and future with an element of change. For changeability is part of fractal code and indicate that nothing is stable. Our world and society is in motion and development, but is also, as fractal, connected in a closed circle: What we do today, the decisions we make will affect tomorrow. Everything that happens on one side of the world, will have consequences on the other side. And back again. We are all part of a world community.

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