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Carlotta Baldazzi


Carlotta Baldazzi "daughter of art", from a very young age she lived between colors and vernissage. By actively participating in the setting up of exhibitions in the metropolitan gallery of his parents, with great exponents of avant-garde art.

Carlotta attends the school of art, painting and sculpture. Then later the School of Design, where he specializes in designer of objects, clothing, interior design, design on fabric.

The passion for these two forms of art led her to challenge each other in women's fashion in 2003 and with only 100 original garments she made her debut in a trendy district of Milan with her Dragoncella brand, as unique as works of art. Success is immediate.

In 2012 he concluded his experience with fashion, converting his ironic and stylized figures into paintings, exhibiting them in a solo show at the Spazio Tadini casa Museo, with an amazing result.

Since 2014 it has evolved again and is dedicated to the discovery of new forms of art, such as three-dimensional abstract sculpture, photography, photo collage and digital painting.

Since 1998 he has participated in numerous exhibitions and fairs in public and private spaces in Italy and abroad.

Carlotta transforms each of her emotions, according to her vital state, into an image with a strong visual impact that captures the attention of the public.


2021, November - Lisbon.

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