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Cláudio Souza Pinto

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Born and lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1954. BA, Mackenzie University. Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Works in oil painting, drawing, sculpture (stone and wood), photography, ceramics. Since 1992 exhibiting in Brazil, the United States and several European countries.

Color, humor, creativity and refinement are present in the paintings by Claudio Souza Pinto. Instead of faces, masks Instead of bodies, clothes, emphasizing the behavior of our society. His original paintings are created in this context. What would you say? What would you think of seeing someone walking with a face mask? And when you get closer, you realize that behind the mask, there is nothing, no face, no head, nothing! What are humans like when they take off their clothes? How are you when is someone not looking at you? You exist? Are you real?


Claudio's paintings are like this... He paints very well the gestures, the movements, the mannequins, the volumes of the anyone's body and postures. There is a vast theater inside the paintings, there are many characters, there is a series of representations, but there is no one. In this universe, his paintings are made in a poetic language that speaks or plays with the observer - The joy and fantasy playing with the people's feelings.


"I transform everyday situations with a surrealistic filter, creating images fantastic and poetic..."

Claudio Souza Pinto


2022, November - Lisbon.

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