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Cris Campana


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Cris Campana belongs to the line of restless contemporary artists who investigate. His path permeates sculptures in iron, bronze, copper, porcelain, gold, drawing, painting (acrylic/oil), engraving, photography, installations. Among his "jokes" as he calls his experiments and studio works, each phase has its charm and complexities, which result in unique works.


In 2001, due to physical efforts in the atelier, he immobilizes the neck and part of the spine, but not his artistic thinking, then begins a delicate but strong work, plotting 15 cm sculptures in copper wires in its physical limit, transforming it into another artistic experience, something that has always made her look at the sky laced in canopies involving her soul:  passion for trees.


​"Suspended Garden", in delicate copper wires, or cast in porcelain and gold bronze, in acrylic or glass domes, frozen memories that build more than volume, a new object in his ontology. In all phases, Cris Campana always pulls out concessions that define the language he starts using. His work, clearly contemporary, makes use of and makes use of the entire arsenal of techniques, without fixing or being limited by any of them, but living them in his artistic genius. ​


His works are part of important collections of collectors in São Paulo, Paris, Milan and Miami. The artist has established herself in the plastic arts scene through her constant participation in important art salons and exhibitions such as the Napoli Contemporary Art Salon, Off Bienal de São Paulo, Miami Art Fair, FUNARTE, Museum of Contemporary Art of São Paulo ( MAC-USP), Museum of Contemporary Art of Americana (MACC), Miguel de Cervantes Institute, Chapel Art Show, Mostra D´arte Contemporânea Brasiliana – II Bracollo Galleria/Roma, in addition to the Gold Brush Award at the VI Japanese Contemporary Art Salon Bunkyo, among others. His works lead the viewer to constantly think about his proposal, with current themes and different supports, which sustain a refined critical and aesthetic look.


Cris Campana was born, lives and lives off his art in São Paulo, Brazil.

"Jardim suspenso"

2021, Oct - Lisbon.

"Sensory aesthetics, at the same time narrative, anthropological and mnemonic. In any of these terms or functions, the gardens explode in clear and poetic connections, expanding the viewer's perception far beyond the themes of each project, calling them to a journey through their sensory memories. In essence, I see the Gardens and their forms, as reactors that drive the viewer to metaphorical constructions, alien to the romantic and watertight idea of ​​observing a work, in the sense that they do not stand out as a fragment, but as an allegory of a world . It is from the perception of the garden, as a visual metaphor, that my work emerges. Much more than an idea of ​​landscape, the garden works as a device that generates articulations to unique sensory experiences, taking the viewer to an experience in the mosaic of their own world. Exposed free, or in domes, they index worlds in a relentless release, transforming the experience of each gaze into an essential journey into the beauty of life.

Small and delicate gardens.

Surrounded by protective domes, almost embryonic,

Shapes sometimes invented, imaginary, sometimes faithful to the inspirations coming from the passion for trees...

“Silent, strong, majestic, they seek food and light, keeping their balance towards the sun. Its roots draw strength into the foundation for precise support.

Sometimes they sit still waiting for the rains, or bask in the sun, giving us what is most valuable: the air that gives us life. at other times movements are allowed, like in a ballet, orchestrated by unsuspecting winds, which caress canopy, leaves and flowers, taking seeds, to other soils, in a magical mating.”

And these gardens, once simple, tiny, unfold... break open domes and become gigantic, take on spaces, proportion and force, sprouting between worlds, and as in a photograph, where the captured moment is frozen,"Hanging Gardens" they play at being the photography itself, perpetuating the memory...

Cris Campana

8)Horizonte imaginário.jpg


Ao deter o olhar
outrora suspenso no ar,
busco um horizonte com sóis, mares, luar;
nesta busca sublime
onde caminhar  redime
percebo um jardim
contornos de linhas sem fim
nele o sol brinca de achar
Trazendo à memória o que preciso lembrar;
verdes orvalhos negados sem ar.

Cris Campana

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