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Dadi Setiyadi


I was Born in Tasikmalaya, West Java, October 21, 1977. I graduated in 2004, Indonesia Institute of Art. in my art, I do not restrict the media for creative achievement, i make paintings, sculptutres, installation works and also art projects. I interest to fantasy,scince fiction, and also art culture. In 2004, i studied  the symbol of the Archipelago, -as Garuda from Java, Lembuswana from Borneo, and La Galigo from Sulawesi- through a project on Indonesian folklore called “Penelusuran Kisah Nuisantara”. This is when i discovered i felt a connection to this fantastical and mythical world. All these influences create a particular syncretism in my art by combining traditional local elements inspired from environment, full of living traditions, with modern and contemporary subjects.

My work concentrates on a universal language, based on Indonesian folklore (my research from 2000 to 2007), combined with similar stories I find in mythologies, ontologies, and popular stories found in other countries. I try to combine many cultural sources into a new perspective to represent the wealth of the archipelago..

I chose this style to introduce Asian culture, especially the archipelago as a great culture, which has a rich and diverse repertoire of local wisdom.

In essence, western and eastern cultures depart from the same origin, develop into large and give birth to various differences. From these differences we can learn from each other, complement each other, and eventually shrink at one point.. universal human culture.

Differences are often considered as a limitation of human relations, which in turn can lead to conflicts between humans. In culture, differences are our means of understanding one another. My work is based on the idea of ​​equality, where I can more freely take sources from anywhere to illustrate a current idea that can be easily understood by many people.


NGO Koko Internasional, Schoollarship 1998,1999.

Winner of  Indonesia “Nokia Arts Awards Asia Pacific” 1999.

Encouragement Prize ‘Noma Concours Illustration Book’, Japan, 2000.

Winner of Indonesia “Nokia Arts Awards Asia Pacific” 2000.

Indonesia Indofood Art Awards 2002.

Biennelle International Drawing and print nominations, Taiwan, 2006.

Biennale,  Indonesia Art Awards 2010.

Indonesian Eye Art book, Saatchi project for Indonesia, London, 2011.



2022, November - Lisbon

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