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Eduardo Duaia


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I have been working as an artist and photographer since the mid-80s. My professional trajectory began right after joining the National School of Fine Arts - UFRJ and soon after joining the job market as an intern in the art department of Polygram label and a year later I joined the Som Livre record company, also acting as a freelancer in the cultural market. During this period I had the opportunity to share experiences and learning with several photographers and art directors, in addition to carrying out photography studies at PUC-RIO.


Throughout my career, I photographed fashion events among other segments, but always dedicating myself to contemporary art photography. In 2016 I was invited to a residency at the Video Insight Foundation in Turin – Italy where 5 photographic works of my own that are part of the collection of this important institution that develops a work of applied art in psychotherapy in partnership with several international institutions. During this same period I was honored to be awarded the event of a solo exhibition aimed at guests related to the European collectors market.


I currently work as editor of ART-ZINE magazine, a digital magazine and also dedicated to the production of contemporary artistic photography.

Eduardo Duaia lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


2021, Oct - Lisbon.


"Eduardo Duaia's artistic practice starts from a deep reflection on the idea of ​​rebirth. The images immortalized by the artist, produced with rigor without the aid of digital devices, stand out in an intermediate space, conceptually equidistant from the realist representation and a dreamlike and metaphysical symbolism. Its language is perceptive: a logic of sensation that seems to communicate through a delicate and diffuse plastic dictation. Light and airy, the shapes, however, maintain a monumental aura, a sign of the vital force they contain or The work 'Renascença' paradoxically presents a horizon in the foreground: an egg hovers candidly in a fluffy cloud. Reality or enactment: in any case, it is a real construction of meaning prepared by the artist to communicate a sweet premonition, everything to be accomplished. The negative and angular aspects of everyday existence find expression in the composition's recovered balance."

Vídeo Insight Foundation

Renascence Cópia.jpg


Exposta na Vídeo Insight Foundation (dirigida por Rebecca Russo) em Torino. Curadoria de Giovanna Giovannelli e

Ivan Fassio


Exposta na Vídeo Insight Foundation (dirigida por Rebecca Russo) em Torino. Curadoria de Giovanna Giovannelli e

Ivan Fassio

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