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Florian Pukas


About me, I’m 33 years old and I live In Dortmund, Germany. I have been practicing the profession of a chef for 16 years but art is my passion for almost my entire life. 


I’ve never studied art or anything like that, but I want to show, that everyone could be creative in its own way. Many of my artworks are abstract, but I’m also create semi realistic cloud landscapes and other oilpaintings. And I’m also doing ink art as well but my greatest interest is oil painting now. My art shows the observer that you don't have to waste any colour, although it makes the impression with the amount of colour I use. Whenever I start an artwork and it’s not working like the way I want it, I remove the color and it’s a beginning of a new abstract artwork. Don’t waste color, you can change it in something special.


"Don't waste color"

2022, November - Lisbon

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