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Hans Donner

Austria - Brazil

Hans Donner what was the dream of a lifetime, combined with a whole series of incredible events, which led to this brilliant artist and world-famous designer to tread the path that brought him to the fairy tale he lives today. It was written. When young Hans Donner finished his studies at the Hohere Graphische Bundeslehr-und-Versuchsanstalt in Vienna, one of the most famous design schools in Europe, the perspective of a promising career opened before for him.


A restless spirit, however, compelled him: the young artist longed to explore new frontiers, cross them and fly high – much higher than he could if he stayed and settled in his homeland of Austria in a somewhere between Vienna and her beloved birthplace, Lake Constance. Inspired by a report on cave painting and also by the advertising material created by the designers Brazilians, Donner had made this enchanted paradise in South America the land of his dreams. His decision, upon finishing the course, to immediately leave for the distant country of his dreams and pursue a career there seemed excessive idealism – insanity, even – to some; but he was decided. And that's how it was, a beautiful One day, at the age of twenty-five, alone, Donner ended up in Rio de Janeiro, the famous South American metropolis. – your new and difficult reality.

One of the most respected designers of our time, Hans Donner is considered a master of the art of innovation combined with design. Responsible for the visual identity of Rede Globo – brand that helped raise the number 1 position in the Brazil -, shaped the television language by establishing a visual standard for vignettes and animations that would become a world reference in the area. Donner set the TV visual benchmarks worldwide by usher in the three-dimensional era on screen, having been copied by broadcasters on four continents. His avant-garde work on TV ended up earning him enormous international prestige, being hailed around the world as one of the design geniuses of the century. Exhibitions of his work were taken to Paris, London, Rome, Milan and New York. He has been described by Europe's leading publications as one of the most influential and visionary names in innovation and technology applied to 20th century design. Donner was also notable for the creation of the ONNE time marker, which brings an innovative way of visualizing the passage of time, described by leading publications around the world as “the definitive paradigm shift.


Currently, Hans has guided his successful path towards new challenges in various segments such as decoration: with pieces in furniture, lamps, rugs, paintings, fabrics, cars, in addition to the partnership with high standard builders and developers already started in previous years. Hans' artistic expression is the product of many passions, one of which undoubtedly needs to be mentioned again: Brazil. It is said that he loves Brazil more than than many Brazilians – and it is the pure truth. There is an obvious reason for this: in your life, paradise Brazilian, which was a myth, has become a reality.


Foto: Marcos Reis


2023, March - Lisbon


Digital Art

200 x 40 cm



2023, March - Lisbon

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