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Ivana Kalezic


I was born and raised in Belgrade in a family of artists, always surrounded by writers, painters, journalists, and always in the presence of libraries, magazines, and talks of art.

Growing up I was always reading, drawing and, writing with movies and music in the background.

I went to a Classical high school, where languages, old greek, and Latin expanded my interest and views.

Ancient studies at the University of philosophy followed for a while but, after nearly two years, I felt fed up and found myself applying for the Academy of Fine Arts to study painting.

After graduation, I lingered on drawing studies exploring or somewhat tried my interest in mixed media.

The first solo shows and rewards for collage art started there, at the University in Belgrade.

Passion for different media, graphics, and drawing, especially miniature and minimal abstraction, kept me persistent in that field, evolving, where much of my interests apart from visual art could express in that manner.

I was rather curious how to connect philosophy, music, film, poetry, and language with paper - mixed media, collage, decollage and various materials started evolving as a form of my artistic language and tool for doing so, slowly forming something of a unique style.


Although I enjoyed working with large formats and often combined big and small, the smaller pieces and miniatures had and continue to have a primary place and form of expression in my work.

Also, working with various materials - found objects, book covers, cross puzzles, envelopes, old photos, etc. allowed me to experiment and, importantly, to quickly memorize the first idea, one that often resurfaces but usually vanishes, leaving us often with just an emotional trace. Small pieces are more than an art form, an art piece - it is a form of a sketch, or blueprint a sort of diary of ideas and thoughts, memories and emotions, and in the same time a treasure map - a microcosm that is a platform for every next piece or new series- the hidden gem of ideas.

Following years series were formed, rarely on purpose, shaped itself that way, always leaving a place for 'accidents' I love to chase that essentially represent the opening of another path or paths - an inspiration and expanse of that artistic microcosm.

I always love to explore and play with subjects connected to space, planets, music, geometry, symbolism and, also melancholy and fleeting of time - Reflections, mirroring, doublets and, geometry shapes often emerge on the pieces, as nuance and, shadows or the foundation on which the drawing grows. Black and white, light and darkness, and all tones in between are ever-present but rarely as opposites but more as coming together and becoming the One. Frequently present disintegration is just a path to a new form being born.

During the past year, I worked on Childhood series, small pieces combined with photography and monoprint. It is a sort of diary of my family.

I have exhibited so far in 13 solo shows and more group ones in Belgrade and Canada.

The last solo show was the first Belgrade exhibition after the pandemic. Enjoy making book covers and illustrations. ULUS member for more than 10 years (Serbian artist association). Living and working in Belgrade.


2021, Oct - Lisbon.

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