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Kristin Romberg


Kristin Romberg is a Norwegian visual artist (b. 1970) and has since 2001 worked with paintings in large

formats. She is educated at the University of Sydney, fine art, Westerdal advertising school, Art Direction,

Norway and Einar Granum Art School, Norway. She has received several Art Grants and been invested in

many public spaces.

Selected solo exhibitions: Gallery Onetwentyeight (New York), Galleri Vulkan (Oslo),

La Galleria (Barcelona), Gallery Carousell (Riga), Nordic Cultural Center (Riga), Art Associations

Fredrikstad/Eidsberg/Ullensaker/Rygge (Norway), Hole Art center (Norway)

Selected group exhibitions: Østfold Artcenter (Norway), Østlandsutstillingen (Norway), Fridge Art fair (Miami

USA), Fluffy Crimes #4 (Chicago, USA), ArtNorthCenter (Denmark), Gallery Ceres Chelsea (New York),

Meieriet Artcenter (Lofoten, Norway), Bodø Biennale (Norway)


Through my paintings I seek to express the wonder and curiosity I feel about nature and the world I live in. My work is an intuitive improvisation of nature. Through the relationship of colors, shapes, and marks, through rhythm and balance, and the physical as well as the psychological act of painting, each picture develops into a unique expression. Through visual ideas, I draw the viewer into a dynamic world that hovers between the abstract and the representational.

I want to create a room where visitors are allowed to touch and lift my paintings. My artistic project is about creating a tactile space where people can dream, escape, wonder, breathe, stop, and feel. I work with paintings in large formats, abandoning the established concept of canvas on stretchers. I try to evoke nature and offer the audience an experience of moving around in a dense forest or a jungle. I let people touch the paintings, and by doing so they will leave traces on the canvases.

I walk a lot, both in the woods and in the mountains, and I have discovered that if I touch a tree on a trail where thousands of tourists have walked before me, the tree is completely slippery and worn. I can feel the traces of everyone before me. The same effect occurs when many visitors have touched my paintings. The works will be worn and have traces, and the traces become part of the work.

Hanging on the walls in layered compositions and floating in the room, the audience is encouraged to engage more physically with my work. My exhibitions resemble more of an installation, or a show, than a traditional painting exhibition. I investigate and push the boundaries between these categories. The paintings are all different, but together they create a harmony and a whole. The back side can be just as interesting as the front when the light shines through.

As an artist, my role in society is to create a timeless space for the viewer. A space with time for reflection, wonder and a feeling of being alive. I have no political agenda, but I hope my work ignites a hint of optimism for the future. I believe my bright colors and expressive energy brings something positive to those who see and experience my work.

Kristin Romberg


2021, November - Lisbon.

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