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Lu Youyou


Jackson Pollock once said that painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is. These words are incredibly accurate and I believe that every time we paint, draw or enter any creative process, we are forced to confront ourselves, our own feelings, desires, fears, hopes and insecurity. Each artist has a different motivation and inspiration. For me, painting expresses self- awareness, and discovering myself motivates me to do so painting.

The first recognition of themselves in the mirror is start their self-awareness for children. Establishing an independent, individual person is done by understanding to whom belongs the reflection in the mirror.

Later, in the process of human development, we recognize the difference between “ourselves” and “others.” we discover our identity and locate “ourselves” in relation to “the world”. This type of mimetic learning is explained by Jacques Lacan in his “mirror phase” theory.

The process of creating self-portraits is also a method of self-discovery, but also of redefining oneself. In the creative process, I am not only the author but also the subject and the audience. When creating art, I ask myself what is the meaning of the idea under development. Why a self- portrait? Because it’s like a mirror that shows the state of my feelings. It is the source of self- knowledge. Why do I choose an abstract style?

I use abstract and expressive forms to portray my own emotions instead only document my true appearance. Regardless of whether I paint sometimes faster or slower, or sometimes I think more rationally or more emotional, the painting process also consumes the time of my life, creating a new, inner relationship between me and my works.

Lu Youyou was born in Beijing - China. Contemporary artist, his base is divided between Beijing, China and Wrocław, Poland. He studied Master degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw - Wrocław, Poland, where he also held several solo and group exhibitions.

"Self and Identity"

2021, Oct - Lisbon.

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