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Marcel Mentzel



2021, November - Lisbon.

Marcel Mentzel was born in Hamburg Germany in 1990. Living in a Harbour City close to the river Elbe he first went into the Shipping industry while always feeling attracted to geometry and forms in artistic ways. After leaving the shipping industry world he worked on concrete sculptures and decided to enter deeply into the creative world by studying spatial design at AMD Akademie Mode & Design Hamburg. There he developed the sphere of digital design methods and used the architectual design instruments to work on digital artworks exploring the tension between analogue and digital world sealing together. In 2019 he founded the design studio Morphine Collective together with her partner Viviane Rath and is now working on the design side in brand communication and brand interior design but also focusses strongly on digital art and monochrome sculptural paintings.

My digital artworks are based on the fascination that digital processes give me the freedom to explore new ways of perceptions in terms of sculptures and the feelings that these form generates in the eye of the observer. I work with algorithmic processing tools, and I am constatly searching for new approaches that gives me a synergy effect also on my design thinking. My artistic works challange my thinking for new spatial experiences and how I can develop new spatial usage also on the interior design side. Both sides are linked and influenced.

My monochrome sculptural Paintings consists of urban poster materials which are composed and layered together in order to create quite big forms but also show how much detail can be seen in reliefs like that. Furthermore, these paintings have a specific story because every piece consists of poster material from a different urban district in Hamburg downtown.

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