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Marcus Joy


Seattle based digital creator Marcus Joyner (MarcJoy Media); a digital creator based in Seattle. He specializes in 2D and 3D Digital Art. Science fiction has always been a genre that is near and dear to his heart. With his art he attempts to reestablish African faces into the science fiction conversation. The themes I use are often retro-futuristic in nature hoping to build an inclusive futuristic past. “Black Faces in Sci-Fi Places” is the name of my current theme. 

Digital Art medium 

Character Portrait Style 

Self-taught new Artist forged in the crucible of a global pandemic 

Afrofuturistic Concepts 

Inspired by music artist such as Sun Ra, Janelle Monae, Kamasi Washington, Outkast as well as others to create his digital art. 

Afrofuturism is a movement in the arts, music, and literature that explores the experiences of people of African descent in the future. Afrofuturistic art often features images of black superheroes, space travel, and advanced technology. The goal of Afrofuturism is to create a positive image of the future for black people. It is also used to explain how black people have been left out of the future. My goal as an Afrofuturistic artist is to build a bridge between the past, present, and future. 


In my art, I explore themes of time travel, space travel, and alien abduction. I also like to show images of black superheroes and black historical figures. My hope is to inspire people to see the future in a positive way, and to create it. 


Marc Joy 



2022, November - Lisbon

Is Artificial Intelligence a trend for the future of art?

Cosmic Kids

Winter Witch


8 bit

Prince of the fall

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