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Nicole Aptekar


Nicole’s pieces are set in a fictional world and depict a chipping-away at the dark fears and anxieties of that space. The wall-mounted sculptures are comprised of dozens of layers of fine paper, precision laser cut and reassembled as a three dimensional volume. Basic shapes are extruded and twisted to bring volume, depth, and a sense of architectural space to the normally 2-D medium of paper. 

Her focused, limited palette of white and black showcases the curves and lines of these structures’ forms and shadows. The incorporation of metallic gold foregrounds an additional ethereal layer, simultaneously complementing and contrasting the articulated sculptural form. The structures embed a digital sensibility into a very lo-fi medium–the result of a decade of experimentation, invention, and play with custom software, hardware, and technique. 

Nicole Aptekar lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She recently completed a residency at NYU’s ITP. Her work has been exhibited in New York, California, and Vancouver.


"The stars cut open the sky"

2021, Oct - Lisbon.

All works are available in 3 editions, either 20” or 12” square.

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Final prices are on request and shipping and insurance costs may vary depending on the country / city of delivery of the artwork.
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