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Nicole Santin


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The eternity of a moment, and nothing more.

Nicole Santin was born in Sacile in the Province of Pordenone. A strange province, empty and full, for those who want to see it this way. Nicole sees the moments that are part of the whole. It also sees itself. In his shots, he immortalizes the moments, intense and fleeting, which are part of life. Slow and fast. Sensual and innocent. Real and fantastic. Nature and artificiality. The shape, the shadow, the curve, the leaf that covers the body. It is like a slow dwelling on something ephemeral, fast, and intense. In his photos all these components emerge under shadows and lights that emphasize different details for each shot. Femininity is strength, beauty, delicacy, sensuality, movement, geometry ... black on white.


2021, Oct - Lisbon.

"Ejabbabbaje doesn't mean anything, it's a funny word that reminds me how much art, the expression of ourselves, is actually something simple and sometimes even pleasant". With the innate, innocent, and exuberant instinct that overthrows us, investing us, Nicole Santin could not better summarize the Dada spirit of her art. He lives in a Dada way, not only in the light-hearted and transgressive sense as this avant-garde artistic expression is commonly interpreted, but through the reorganization of time and space it crosses. Living space and time means measuring them, assigning the subjective measure of the artist who, with Thought, re-structures them by attributing the name to the things and phenomena that change them. The world founded on the Word, Ejabbabbaje, contains any sign , every sense. It is the Word that gives shape to Thought, argues De Saussure, but Dada is not content with re-structuring the languages ​​of Art, it does it in a dyslexic way, so as to build new tailor-made syntaxes, fitting as a creator's dress. From the classic Cànone to the Modulor, the artist has always tried to elevate the body to the extent of space, but this structurally rational operation excluded sensory solicitations. Not so Nicole Santin who measures the surrounding space, Nature and its things, through experience, guided by the touch of hands that hold objects or branches, by the sense of smell that explores the moods of a cus leaf, by the warmth of a blade of light on the skin; but this path of sensory knowledge is also sensual because the naked body responds, dialogues with Nature, speaking the same language made up of gestures and rituals that the cells understand. The artist's body and Nature are made of the same substance, but the senses are the unit of measurement of space and time; contact puts things in order, classes "ca into categories, establishes a new taxonomy, creates a new Universe. After all, it is said that" In the beginning was the Word ", right?

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