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Antonio Peticov


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"Like a magical prism, everything that passes through this Brazilian artist's brush is decomposed into the thousands of colors of the solar spectrum. His is a mathematical and mythical world, where the enthusiasm for celestial mechanics explodes riding a rainbow that delimits sections golden, Moebius rings, “Escherian” paradoxes and logarithmic spirals, which exude the same magic of the feather adornments of the Amazon Indians."

Matteo Guaranacia

"Almanacco Psichedelico" ​ ​


Antonio Peticov was born in Assis, São Paulo, in 1946, discovering his vocation for art while still in his adolescence and, as a self-taught person, he goes deep in the search for information to delineate his artistic identity and language. He participated in the Tropicalist Movement, lived in London, Milan and New York, where he expanded his studies and works, creating internationally renowned works and installations. Develops varied productions, including paintings, prints, drawings, murals, sculptures and installations, exploring to the full the golden section and the mathematical proportions derived from "Φ".

"Portais e montanhas"

2021, Oct - Lisbon.

"Colors and games"

2021, Oct - Lisbon.

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