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Rachel Patrick


Rachel Patrick is a predominantly self-taught gouache, acrylic and oil artist from central Scotland. With a background in book publishing, Rachel has had a love of art and painting since she was a young child and began pursuing painting as a career in early 2020 when she established a daily painting practice to develop her skills.


With a focus on contemporary still life scenes, Rachel brings each of her paintings to life using a vibrant colour palette and aspects of realism. Her paintings span many themes including but not limited to, food, drink, cosmetics, and everyday household items. All of her paintings are characterised by her love for bright colours and each painting aims to bring a sense of joy and nostalgia to the viewer.


“For me, art has the ability to make us see the beauty in the objects that surround us on a daily basis, which is why I focus my paintings on items that feel familiar to most people.”

Rachel Patrick Artist Portrait.jpeg


2022, November - Lisbon

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