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Rafael Barletta


Video: Pedro Andrade Silva
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Rafael Barletta was born in Porto Alegre, south of Brazil. Abstract and neo-Cubist figurative art, he entered the fine arts through illustration, his work matured and evolved into a more abstract art and that's when he started painting on canvas. The first works were created in 2012 and since then his work has been a search for something more and more original and personal.

Since then, 3 collections have been created. The first collection, Rustiface, in 2016, focused on faces as carved figures in paintings. This collection had pieces on display in NY and Finland, as well as local exhibitions.

His second collection, from 2018, called Sunna, already had a wider range of images, with direct reference to the sun and  brought vegetation and other elements, composing the images together with the faces.

The third collection, in progress since 2020, and not yet titled, already contains full-length figurative and scenery. The style remains the same, with some evolutionary and deconstructive traits, changing the techniques a little while maintaining the rustic and primitive identity that is the main feature of his work.


2021, Oct - Lisbon.

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