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Rita Kapa


"Pomegranates, cactus, flower petals, human hearts, countless natural shapes are captured by Rita Kapa, who transports all these elements to ceramics, recreating them in bowls, small boxes, vases or other designer pieces. In this work, which we can call organic ceramics, Rita Kapa explores various technical solutions to better show natural shapes, while imprinting her signature on them, playing with color and glaze contrasts, as well as with the definition of shapes. in every little detail. Her pieces are, therefore, an aesthetic experience that is both surprising and familiar, which allows us to immediately return to that original natural environment, while at the same time realizing the contemporary gesture of his artistic expression.

Since October 2018 Rita Kapa has decided to dedicate herself exclusively to ceramics."

Catarina Pombo Nabais



2021, Oct - Lisbon.

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