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Rogier Ruys

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The creative talent Rogier Ruys grew up in an artistic and musical family. To develop himself and experience the world, Rogier traveled the world for a number of years at a young age. As he describes himself, he was 'layered and enriched with firewood' during his journey. These feelings and thoughts are a reflection of his soul and the inspiration engine for his imaginative work with inspiration. He expresses the acquired inner baggage in form and mass in order to connect and merge.


From realist to figurative


Rogier Ruys' sculptures are proof that an artist understands the craft of creating realistic sculpture on the one hand and figurative sculptures on the other. In his realistic work he tries to fuse the beauty of craft and art with a deeper emotion. His portraits and expressive hands are realistic sculptures that radiate not only aesthetics. The smile, a ripple, the glance in his portraits unwittingly evoke emotions in the viewer. Stir the viewer. Rogier Ruys strives that 'the passion & energy, the intention, the innovation with which the work of art is made, will touch you', according to the artist about what makes his art distinctive. The immense characteristic hand that adorns Gallery van Dun's sculpture garden does not only convey love. Also caring, connection and violence with which hands are armed. 'Commit to something that touches your heart' is the mission that the artist Ruys wants to express.


2021, Oct - Lisbon.

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