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Rudolf Finisterre


2017-2019 Teaching at Akademie der Künste munich

2013-2016 Jury member Villa Massimo, Rome prize

2007 Fellowship Villa Massimo Rome

since 2000 selfemployed as architect and artist

1996 Diploma architecture, TU Berlin

1989 Diploma Interiordesign, FH Rosenheim

1966 born in Rosenheim, Germany


Prizes (selection)


2015 „Fritz Höger Preis“, 1. Prize with Alvaro Siza

2013 “Häuser des Jahres”, nominated

2009 Brick-award, special mention

Nominated to DAM-prize, Deutsches Architekturmuseum Frankfurt

2007 Rome-prize, Villa Massimo


Exhibitions (selection)


2021 “Formfollowsnature” with Kulturklub Rosenheim

Members Exhibition, Kunstverein Rosenheim

“Kulturlandschaft” with Pinkparadise, region Simssee

Exhibition Kunstverein Rosenheim, Town Gallery Rosenheim

2020 “Pinkparadise” in Simsgalerie, Stephanskirchen

2016 12. Architecture biennial Venice, German pavilion

Fritz Höger-Prize, various sites

2015 “Polyethylene”, City gallery Traunstein

2014 “Forms follows Nature”, Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren

“Generation Reissbrett”, Cologne

2013 “Forms follows Nature”, AUT_Innsbruck

“Generation Reissbrett”, Berlin

“From line to space”, Spittal Austria

“Auktion des GDF”, DAM Frankfurt am Main

Häuser des Jahres, DAM Frankfurt am Main

2012 ZNE!, Mumbai_India, Addis Abeba_Ethiopia, Beijing_China

White Cube, Green Maze: New Art Landscapes, Carnegie Museum Pittsburgh, USA

“Generation Reissbrett”, AIT Stuttgart

“Vierzigaufvierzig”, BDA Berlin

2011 “Forms follows Nature”, Aedes-Gallery Berlin

“Villa Massimo”, Gropius-Bau Berlin

Generation Reissbrett, Architektursalon Köln

“Examples to follow”, Bauhaus Dessau

“From line to Space”, architectural museum Stiftung Insel Hombroich

“40 auf 40”, BDA-Gallery Berlin

2010 Biennial in Venice, german pavilion

Eth Zurich

Brick award, various sites

2009 Deutsches Architekturmuseum Frankfurt, DAM-prize

Tefaf, Maastricht, chiesa olevano

2008 ROL, Museum Ludwig, Cologne

Auction of sketches, DAM, Frankfurt

Spazi aperti, rome

Grossekunstausstellung, Haus der Kunst, munich

“formfollowsnature”, Gropius-bau, berlin

2007 “finale”, Villa Massimo, rome

Roma-design piu, rome

“open studios”, “form follows nature”, Villa Massimo, rome

Spazi aperti, rome

2006 Sculptures, Sims-gallery, Stephanskirchen

2005 ROL, Aia New York

Foundation Insel Hombroich

2004 ROL, 9th architecture biennial, venice

1991 meg-mag, FH Innsbruck

1990 meg-mag, Bauhaus Dessau


Rudolf Finisterre's theme is “form follws nature”. He deals with

forms and structures from nature. He is particularly concerned

with growth processes, such as in the “Spongiosa” work.

Sculptures made of di#erent materials such as concrete, wood

and metal interpret forms and structures from nature.

The focus is not on the super%cially visible, but on the hidden

that underlies things.

The interest is not in copying nature, but in the deeper

understanding of growth and form formation processes and the

application of such to original works.

For example, in the work “Kochcurve” from 2010, a

logarhythm, a derivative of the so-called Koch curve, is used to

generate the shape. Growth & form formation in nature can

often be traced back to logarhythms. This logic and regularity

fascinates Rudolf and inspires many of his works.

The exhibition shows large-format sculptures made of metal

and wood, almost all of which were created this year.

Lithographs & screen prints from the Elements series show

graphic work that accompanies the work on the sculptures.

"Moos (moss)" is a series of wooden reliefs that show the result

of a search for traces of living organisms.

In terms of material and surface, the “Spuren” (Traces) series

is also an almost three-dimensional translation of relics from

living and dead nature. 

"Form follows nature
2022, November - Lisbon.

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