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Expo Design 

Wesley Sacardi

Wesley Sacardi and his jewelry collection made from discard material, showing how sustainable contemporary design is, applicable to various shapes, functions and materials.

Wesley Sacardi


Wesley Sacardi was born in 1981, an eternal apprentice of the world who is passionate about creativity and who loves to share knowledge. He started his career with the production of wooden parts in 2016, when he left his academic background in the area of ​​communication. It was a step to rescue his childhood origins of creativity without rules, from then on he found the path to free creativity exploring various forms of creation with wood.


He started the creative process using wood from construction sites and other places, producing furniture and decoration pieces. His influences are different styles such as Nordic, Wabi Sabi and Boho, making a mix for his creations. In addition to pieces with discarded wood, it carries out intervention work with new raw material intended for single use in works, producing long-life furniture pieces and avoiding disposal.

He currently has an endless collection, as he works with the Descartes Series in addition to raw material. This one is produced by discarding wood from different places and transformed into benches.

Descartes series, in addition to the raw material. The series wants to provoke and generate discomfort for the public with pieces of furniture with formats that are out of the visual standard, in this case, benches. The invitation of each piece for accommodation reflects in unconscious discomfort about the possibility of use, this is the objective of the Series to warn about the disposal that we do beyond the raw material. Disposal that goes beyond raw material, social, cultural and art disposal.



2021, November - Lisbon.

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